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Aug. 3rd, 2005 06:23 pm
teabiting: (mob mentality)
Ok, sorry it was a weak abortion argument. I'll research it a bit more. In all seriousness, the instant I want to do these things, suddenly I have 15 OTHER things to do. I'm still aiming for 5 days of Republican Propaganda, so it might have to be stretched out a bit to accomodate these OTHER things I'm doing.

Either way, you'll get your fight. I just have to work up to it a bit.


Aug. 3rd, 2005 02:07 pm
teabiting: (unreal hp marge)
A short one, to make up for yesterday.

Abortion is wrong. There is no way to get around it that once an egg is fertilized by sperm, it creates life. It may be "just a bunch of cells" to someone else, but it truly isn't - it's something much more than people give credit for. Birth is a miracle, science still doesn't know precisely how it happens, and yet we have people on this earth that would willingly kill those cells, that small life.

Life begins at conception, there's no way to get around it.
So often I hear from my Liberal friends, "We're in an illegal war! Stop the war, it's not right!" They don't support the troops that are over there, fighting for their lives every day. They don't support the fact we are cleaning out the terrorists, we're bankrupting their ranks by detaining them, jailing them and, in some unfortunate cases, killing them. We freed the people in Iraq from an oppressive leader, they can now walk relatively free on the streets where they couldn't before, for fear of "disappearing" and being tortured. Yet people still can't support this war.

First of all, they are our troops that are over there, giving their time and lives to this. This is no Vietnam where our troops slog through the backwater areas, on alert for guerrilla fighters. This is Iraq- we have superior weaponry and superior armor, and our citizens are over there, fighting for the freedom of the Iraqi people, so they can walk down to their grocer without the fear of being captured and tortured, so they can drive freely throughout their cities without being detained, so they can have families and live and work productively. Denying the war is denying them that hope and freedom, denying support to our troops should be likened to saying that we don't want the Iraqi people to have that freedom, since the troops are the right hand of liberty, in a way.

As for wars being illegal... aren't all wars illegal? When does the UN or any other watchdog organization think it's ok for people to be in mortal danger? Isn't killing another person in cold blood always illegal? The 3,000 Americans that died on 9/11, their deaths were illegal. We don't condone terroristic events in our country, yet the Democrats and the Liberal media would have us not punish those wrong-doers, they would have us let them walk free. They are criminals, would probably be subject to the death penalty under American law, and here we have some of our own citizens wanting them to walk free. Where is the logic in that?

I hear, too, that some group went over and "proved" that Saddam didn't have anything to do with 9/11, and therefore we shouldn't have gone to war in his country. Isn't that sweet? So the man who is a terrorist himself, who killed thousands of people and tortured untold more, isn't a terrorist, and our troops shouldn't be in Iraq because he's not connected with the murders of our own citizens (except, of course, in the Gulf War, right?). The people under his thumb shouldn't be freed, because HIS terrorism doesn't have anything to do with THAT terrorism. Do you see how weak an arguement this is? Terrorism is terrorism is terrorism - there is no changing that. Whether the terrorist be an American like Timothy McVeigh, or a nameless suicide bomber who blows up our citizens, terrorism is the same. It has the same objective and the same result, and should therefore be fought in any arena that presents itself, including Iraq. If we don't counter terrorism wherever it springs up, and if we don't counter the ideas that terrorism enfolds, the sheer lack of freedom it would impose upon all the people in the world, we have no right in calling ourselves Americans.
Because I'm feel emboldened and in the mood to see things from someone else's point of view, this coming week, I'd like to host a "[ profile] icaruslaughing is a Republican" series of informative posts about Republican ideology. I'm not quite sure what will happen, except I'm going to try, from Monday to Friday, to make one post per day talking on and from the Republican viewpoint. Or, it could be a Canadian Conservative viewpoint. Either way, I need some topics.

Terrorism is a sure subject. So is abortion. That's only 2/5 days, and I can't think of anything else that the conservative parties of Canada and the United States REALLY love to talk about, unless it's how much the Liberals/Deaniacs/Democrats are hating their respective countries, repeatedly and with great Islamic fervor (and let's face it, I can't do that as a topic, because I'd sound very ridiculous, much like Conservatives/Neocons/Republicans do when they talk on the subject)).

Now, I know it's Friday so most of you can't be arsed to load up the comment screen and type a couple of political topics in (especially since politics! ugh!), but c'mon. I need atleast three more topics so I can begin my takeover of the Republican party from the inside research the Republican way of life and opinion. I invite anyone to come and argue my republican opinions. And THEN, at the end of the week, as an additional bonus, I'll reveal... AT MIDNIGHT... if I have become a Republican.

Or not.


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