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Oct. 10th, 2005 09:37 pm
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I thought of a better explanation for my post the other day.Read more... )

But anyway. Links for the interested:

Solar panels made out of everyday plastics! Given the strides the team already has made with the technology, Yang calculates he will be able to double the efficiency percentage in a very short period of time. The target for polymer solar cell performance is ultimately about 15 percent to 20 percent efficiency, with a 15 - 20 year lifespan. Large-sized silicon modules with the same lifespan typically have a 14 percent to 18 percent efficiency rating. The plastic solar cell is still a few years away from being available to consumers, but the UCLA team is working diligently to get it to market.

I <3 solar energy. Some power companies, as I understand it, will buy excess energy from people who have solar/wind powering their homes. In addition to which, electric vehicles are becoming more popular as well as well as more efficient, and installing solar panels on those would only make it better. It would be a great way to be completely autonomous, energy-wise, for a home.

Michael Crichton pulls apart Environmentalism and says that aliens cause global warming. Yes, it's true! I would make these things up. Actually, these are the texts of two speeches he has given, which point out some interesting things about scientists shilling science and demanding 'consensus' (which, as he points out, our greatest minds of the last five centuries have not had 'consensus' of any sort, thus why would modern-day scientists claim that agreement about a point = accurate science?).

Don't you just love the US government? They pass legislation so the oil companies can have yet more money, and the Master of the Universe says that any amendment that bans torture of detainees that comes to his desk will be vetoed. Special! It's moments like these that make me SO proud to be an American. *tear*
Because I'm feel emboldened and in the mood to see things from someone else's point of view, this coming week, I'd like to host a "[ profile] icaruslaughing is a Republican" series of informative posts about Republican ideology. I'm not quite sure what will happen, except I'm going to try, from Monday to Friday, to make one post per day talking on and from the Republican viewpoint. Or, it could be a Canadian Conservative viewpoint. Either way, I need some topics.

Terrorism is a sure subject. So is abortion. That's only 2/5 days, and I can't think of anything else that the conservative parties of Canada and the United States REALLY love to talk about, unless it's how much the Liberals/Deaniacs/Democrats are hating their respective countries, repeatedly and with great Islamic fervor (and let's face it, I can't do that as a topic, because I'd sound very ridiculous, much like Conservatives/Neocons/Republicans do when they talk on the subject)).

Now, I know it's Friday so most of you can't be arsed to load up the comment screen and type a couple of political topics in (especially since politics! ugh!), but c'mon. I need atleast three more topics so I can begin my takeover of the Republican party from the inside research the Republican way of life and opinion. I invite anyone to come and argue my republican opinions. And THEN, at the end of the week, as an additional bonus, I'll reveal... AT MIDNIGHT... if I have become a Republican.

Or not.
I can't help but feel that now that they've said something, (namely, A group of 13 computers in private hands are known as root servers. They contain approved lists of net suffixes such as .com, known as the Domain Name System (DNS)... "Given the internet's importance to the world's economy, it is essential that the underlying DNS of the internet remain stable and secure," read the US statement.) everything is suddenly going to go wrong, fire will rain from the internet heavens, and .com will become no more.

Of course, everyone knows now that Canada has given all individuals the right to marry- including those people that are gay. Stephen Harper (the leader of the Conservative party here) was, of course, stomping his little feet and yelling about Liberals and evil and how when he was Prime Minister, he was going to bring the law back to vote and they were going to overturn it with his Parliament full of Conservatives and Unicorns. One of the justices, I believe, kind of chuckled and said something like, "You can't overturn a law that was already made and approved by the Supreme Court", thus sending Mr. Harper into hysterics.

And me oh my, President Bush's speech didn't bring many viewers. A paltry 32.7 million, and half of that probably because there was nothing else on television. Personally, I would have watched it, were I in the US, and perhaps called for a drinking game among friends- everytime he said the word "freedom", "liberty", stuttered incoherently, or repeated himself, everyone would take a shot.

And is it just me, or does his nose just keep getting smaller and pointier?
I was ignorant of the political storm that came after Oct. 25, 2002. If anyone remembers, that's when Paul Wellstone, popular Senator for my home state of Minnesota, died in a plane crash. I wasn't ignorant of the fact he died, but I was ignorant of what came after, the shameless political plugging the Republicans did in the wake of his death.

Is it old news? Surely, but it doesn't make me any less mad. Right now, I hate the Republican machine with every particle of my soul, because while it controls a country, there is no honesty in it. Everything is political maneuvering, there is no sincerity or honesty unless it's the sincerity to lie until the heavens fall.

Because of what I, and many others, witnessed during the 2004 election, I've come to view press as biased, horribly tainted. There is no story without a spin. We learned, if you'll recall, that a man's sacrifice to his country- in that case, John Kerry and the sacrifice of years in the service- can be thrown in his face and publicly bastardized. In my eyes, a new low was reached in creating a group of people that did nothing but lie about him, i.e., the Swift Boat Veterans. Was it a bold-faced lie? Yes. Was it an entire untruth? Yes.

The problem with this, as I see it, is Kerry - and the Democrats of Minnesota - took it lying down. They said "no", and that was that. They took the high road, they stood there with hands folded and let the ads happen. They didn't hit back fast enough, hard enough, or often enough. When they did hit back, it was too little too late.

Did the Democrats take political advantage in Minnesota, in the shadow of the death of the Democratic candidate? No, though some press- notably, press favoring the Republican candidate, Norm Coleman- said yes. Did the Democrats form a group called "Vietnam Veterans for Truth" and slander Bush about his records on public television early, and often? No, though it was pointed out that Bush did lie about his service. I see it as black and white- the Republicans took advantage, the Democrats most often did not, and as a consequence, they lost the election.

It's a pity it has to come down to this, but more often as of late, I've thought that the Democrats- Independents- Moderates... enough taking it lying down. I'd like to see someone, someone not a Republican, hit back as hard as they are hit, if not harder- but with truth. I'd like to see someone say, "You know what, you lying bastard? That's a lie, and you're disgracing your country by not admitting it." I'd like to see someone stand up and say, to the President's face, "You've disgraced your forefathers. You've alienated your own country. You've lied to get ahead for financial and political gain, and we are, as American people, ashamed of you."

There is no need to resort to lies and spin anymore. There is no need to hit back with the same venom. The sheer, ugly, pitiful truth will suffice.
There is one thing I really don't understand about all of this "Iran is going to attack the US with a nuclear weapon!!" news.

Why would they do that?

Ok, so their government hates the US. But chances are, in the present climate, the US would use a nuclear attack in retaliation, right (please correct me if I am wrong)? So with the US's superior nuclear weapons (or, atleast, in number), why would Iran undertake a suicidal attack like that?
What. The. Hell.

4. The Kinsey Report
Author: Alfred Kinsey
Publication date: 1948
Score: 37

7. The Feminine Mystique
Author: Betty Friedan
Publication date: 1963
Score: 30

Honorable mention:

Origin of the Species
by Charles Darwin
Score: 17

HUMAN EVENTS asked a panel of 15 conservative scholars and public policy leaders to help us compile a list of the Ten Most Harmful Books of the 19th and 20th Centuries. Oh, now it makes sense. Gee. Who would have thought.

I'm really, honestly sure that there are sensical Republicans/Conservatives out there. I've met atleast one. Yet, it's people like this that make me angry- and at the same time, kind of glad. I'm sure that with the sex-phobia that many of these people seem to hold, Darwin's theory will get them in the end.

ganked from [ profile] sugarimp
My mom likes to watch FOX news, because she likes to "hear what the Republicans are saying." True, it's always good to be informed about who they're slandering next, but last night, after the Bob Dole Memorial Tour, Bill O'Reilly's show came on, and shattered all my previous thoughts of Republican bias.

Some of you may be familiar with it. He says, in the beginning credits, "THIS IS A NO SPIN ZONE." Practically everyone should know by now that FOX news is not "fair and unbiased", it's incredibly biased, most often towards Republican causes. This doesn't really bother me, except when they start "reporting news" that is so obviously skewed it's painful.

Last night, amid Muslim-bashing and other lovely amusements, he talked about the people that are fighting for prisoners in Guantanamo Bay to have lawyers and legal representation, and how wrong that is. He went on for a few minutes about the insurgents and ji'hadists that are willfully murdering "our citizens" and how that is SO wrong that until we complete this war on terrorism, Guantanamo Bay ought to remain open and recieving prisoners, because that's one more ji'hadist we don't have to worry about.

Arguably, Saddam Hussien is one of those ji'hadists and probably an insurgent as well, seeing as he didn't bow like sheep to the slaughter, yet he gets a lawyer. His lawyer even gets to sue people, like the "Sun" newspaper in the UK that ran photos of Saddam in his underwear. He gets a lawyer... yet thousands of "insurgents" in Guantanamo Bay get less than that. There has even been some discussion that atleast some of those men imprisoned there have had no contact with the "insurgency"*, and know nothing- they were rounded up in Iraq and shipped out because they *might* be insurgents.

Does anyone remember the phrase, "innocent until proven guilty"? Does anyone remember how that used to be a bastion of American law and justice? Yet, very few (if any at all) prisoners in Guantanamo Bay have been charged with a crime. Indeed, if any American was overseas and went years without being charged with an official crime, oh how the American people would rally. Yet we keep our own prisoners, informally charged with the vague and often insubstantial charge of "terrorism", in a place that's noted for torture- because that's just the American way?

So, by about Bill O'Reilly's fourth or fifth sentance, I was wishing I could reach through the television and slap him. He trips blithely over facts and fictures and appeals to the emotions of the American people, he plays heartstrings so sweetly with hard-bitten sentances and that flat look in his eyes that makes him look dead, all while pounding his desk and interrupting his guests. Need I say how emotions should be put away and facts looked at? Need I say how rights of anyone should NOT be ignored? Need I say how pissed the American people were when our troops were prisoners in "Desert Storm", how we called for justice, how we shouted and screamed and lamented and tied ribbons on our flagpoles for all those poor troops being possibly tortured and killed?

Yet our government manages to do it to our own prisoners. Because, you know, that's just good politics, right?


May. 26th, 2005 08:47 pm
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So, yeah. Remember all that about Newsweek and the Koran being flushed down the toilet?

Ahem: Well, they might not have FLUSHED it, atleast.


May. 19th, 2005 06:30 pm
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The Canadian budget passed, Steve just told me. The government is (still) intact, and Stephen Harper must be so, so non-smirky today. Hah.
"Senator [Coleman], in everything I said about Iraq I turned out to be right and you turned out to be wrong and 100,000 have paid with their lives, 1,600 of them American soldiers sent to their deaths on a pack of lies."