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Sep. 13th, 2005 08:25 pm
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From the lovely [ profile] meldawen

"Look at your LJ interests list. If you have fewer than 50 interests, pick every fifth one. If you have between fifty and seventy-five interests, pick every seventh one. If you have over seventy-five interests, pick every tenth one. If you have fewer than ten, pick all of 'em. List them on your LJ, and tell everyone exactly what it is about these things that interests you so much."

art preservation: I absolutely love antiques. The older, usually, the better (not a fan of the retro 50's/60's look). With every beautiful antique, every piece of art that comes home, however, there has to be a 'plan' to preserve it. While I don't have many antiques (yet), I like to read on how I can preserve what I have, and make it better. And, of course, because working in a museum to preserve and restore artifacts would be very awesome.

civil rights: I'm interested in my own, and preserving what's left of them. Women's rights, especially, were hard-won and should be treated accordingly, not thrown away like I see so many women do. Divisions along racial lines are just as important, yet people are so woefully misinformed, or underinformed, about their rights that they might as well not exist, nearly.
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Aug. 11th, 2005 05:14 pm
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My mother is the best mother ever. Really. I wish I could take all of you to meet her. I called her today, after spending about five hours worrying myself sick over possible test results, and in five minutes, she almost completely removed that worry just by being Mom.

Bailey now has *drumroll* flea dirt! Yes, somewhere, he found a flea, and since he is insanely allergic to fleas, he's pulling out chunks of hair. Cue obsessive checking of ALL animals for fleas*. I didn't find any, nor any other evidence on Noise or Koke (except phew, Noise needs a bath, she is le stink up close), and I would think that after they treated the entire apartment with insecticide last week, we shouldn't have ANY. Just in case, I'm cleaning the floors with diluted bleach water and vacuuming obsessively as well as cleaning everything AGAIN, and will probably procure some flea collars and shampoo and spray, JUST IN CASE.

I don't know where this stuff is coming from, but it's really friggin' annoying. The neighbors across the hall are less than savory, AND they just got a new (annoying!) puppy a couple of weeks ago. Judging by the amount of... stuff... they track into the hall, and the smelly garbage smell that emenates from their apartment, it could be the source of the problem, but probably not the only one. Steve and I are going to go get some sealing tape or something from Home Depot to seal the door, because right now it's pretty drafty, and hopefully if the draft goes away, so will some of these problems.


Other than that, I had to go back to the lab today to return a sample, and the woman there looked strikingly like [ profile] anaphexeton. Down to the same little, slightly ironic smile. And I am ESPECIALLY SUPER because I got groceries over a week ago, spent $40, and still don't really have to go back to the store (except for canned cat food). The whole budgeting thing is working all right.

I also have observations about some things, but will save those for later. For now, I need to go get bleach and cleaning supplies, and see if I can get Boolcakes (Bailey) into the bath without him yowling the apartment down.

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Aug. 7th, 2005 11:24 am
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Since I've been charting my cycle with the fertility awareness method, I've noticed some kind of strange things about my body. The first being my waking temperatures are low - 96.5, 95.7 degrees Fahrenheit. People tell me this could be a sign of hypothyroidism, but I have none of the symptoms - except that. I do have a slow heartbeat (55-60 bpm resting, and have had such for a few years, possibly longer considering I've really only known how to take my resting heart rate since college), so I'm wondering if that could be the root cause.

It's just strange. I see a definite cycle of temperatures, and my highest waking temperature has been 98.2 degrees, my lowest being 95.7 during the first half of the cycle, with an average of about 96.7. Most charts I've seen (printable ones) have had the lowest temperature at 97.0 or 96.5, never this low.

Food for thought and research, I suppose.

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Aug. 3rd, 2005 06:23 pm
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Ok, sorry it was a weak abortion argument. I'll research it a bit more. In all seriousness, the instant I want to do these things, suddenly I have 15 OTHER things to do. I'm still aiming for 5 days of Republican Propaganda, so it might have to be stretched out a bit to accomodate these OTHER things I'm doing.

Either way, you'll get your fight. I just have to work up to it a bit.

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Jul. 25th, 2005 08:32 pm
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I haven't written in a few days, so I guess I should update this thing.

I've been pushing all of my creative writing into a gaming project that's due to open at the end of August for beta-testing. I won't go into details as it would probably bore the majority of you, but it's been sucking up a lot of time and energy. I enjoy it, and it's neat to see how it's all coming together, though it's taking up a lot more time than I thought it would, seeing as the owner of it wants me to take on more adminstrative duties than I'm used to.

I've also been reading. I just read the most Mary-Sue filled historical romance novel of ALL TIME, I think. It's about a woman who takes over the leaders of the Byzantine empire with her body. Yes, she is a "Love Slave", passed among the most powerful men like a sweetmeat, yet she is "independent" and "logic-minded" (I'm sure you can see where this is going). Anyway, I'm going to have to review it, because it's just too awful to pass up.

I'm also trying (mostly in vain) to clear my book list before The White House Years by Henry Kissenger arrives. Tantalizingly, it's sat at "1" for two weeks now. There is also the requisite web-site design crap, photography wrangling, and such that's been going on for awhile now. I've also been walking two miles nearly every day for the last month and a half, and I'm at this plateau right now, where I can't yet get to jogging, but walking isn't doing enough for me. It's frustrating me in more ways than one.

Then, in the last week, two people have cancelled going out. One of them has cancelled on me a total of three or four times now in a row, and it annoys me. It's not as if I have a lack of things to do, and so if I clear a time when I'm not a.) picking Steve up / dropping him off, b.) helping him, c.) working on a website / photos or d.) doing annoying stuff that needs to be taken care of (household things, cooking, cleaning, walking the dog, training the dog, getting groceries, running errands, etc), it's very frustrating to have someone cancel that time, and not let me know in advance.

I also have lots of art to show, once I can either scan it or "ink" it so it will show up with my camera. I'm thinking of framing some of it, because it's just too silly to pass up, and three of the pieces would make an interesting trio in a bathroom or in the living room or something. Have to figure out how to make those frames, too...

So much to do, so little time to do it.


Jun. 28th, 2005 05:21 pm
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So. Since there are lots of good, lovely questions that some of you submitted for my FAQ, I'll go ahead and answer them here.

Where do you live? Why do I hear about you being in Virginia some times, and in Canada other times? I'm a resident of Virginia, currently dividing my time between there and Ontario, Canada. Why? Because I'm super like that (i.e., family is in Virginia, significant other is in Ontario).

Is that you in your avatar? Yes, but don't get your hopes up. It's simply a good picture.

Tell me about how you met Steve. We met through a mutual friend who was my ex-roommate, worked on a MUD together, and fell in love pretty quickly. It's pretty straight-forward, I think.

Did you go to college? What's your major? Yes, for about three years. I was one of the lucky students who wriggled my way free of the oppressiveness of high school, and started full-time college when I was sixteen. I have no official "degree" as I left Minnesota (where I was schooled) before I earned it because of extenuating circumstances. However, I plan on transferring most of my credits to here, and either earning a music degree (which would be easier), or a political science degree (which would be more interesting).

How many animals do you have again? Do they all get along? Five. Two chinchillas (really Steve's), two cats, and a dog. Koke (the dog) loves the chinchillas, considers them her own, personal squirrels, and would probably like to have a chinchilla sandwich someday. However, besides that, yes, they all get along very well.

How did you train your dog so well?? Aren't you a card?

What political party do you identify with? Hm. A liberal party, I think. I hesitate to say "the Democratic party of the US" since they have some issues I don't quite agree with, but if you were to put me in a box, it would probably be a Liberal Box. A very big, very fancy, very snooty Liberal Box.

What got you interested in politics? A class on Assassinations in the 20th Century. My professor was an avid conspiracy theorist, and I remember going home after the first class wanting nothing more than to curl up under the covers and never come out. However, it got me interested in what else was going on in the world that I didn't know about (because I'm nosy, and before that, I was only nosy pre-1950).
That about wraps it up. If you've got a question you want to ask, you can ask it here and I'll include it by editing this entry. Thanks for all the great questions!


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