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Reasons I love Steve:

1.) Even when he's tired and just wants to go to bed, he'll still take Koke outside if I ask.
2.) He makes good spaghetti sauce.
3.) He gives good hugs.
4.) He treats me like an intelligent and rational person.
5.) He's not afraid to be silly.
6.) He'll admit his mistakes.
7.) He can usually fix anything.
8.) Including the timing belt on my old car. By himself.
9.) I like how he always manages to insinuate himself into a group of people and somehow become the leader.
10.) He likes animals. And doesn't mind if we get more.

11.) He's patient.
12.) He makes me laugh when I'm upset.
13.) He's protective and kind of possessive, sometimes, but not too much.
14.) He introduces me to his friends.
15.) He laughs at my jokes, even when they're not really that funny.
16.) I can talk to him about just about anything, and he almost always understands.
17.) We can still sit and talk for hours about stuff.
18.) Even though we've been apart for almost five months now, I still love him as much, if not more, as the day we got married.
19.) He's understanding of my faults.
20.) He has a great family.
21.) He likes to read.
22.) He's firm in his beliefs about human rights.
23.) He worries about me sometimes.
24.) He likes to travel.
25.) He's been my knight in shining armor more times than I can count.
26.) He's extremely intelligent but doesn't act arrogant about it (atleast, where anyone can see).
27.) He can cook more than spaghetti sauce.
28.) He has nice shoulders and biceps.
29.) He also has beautiful eyes and soft hair and...
30.) He respects my wishes.
31.) In general, he's accepting and respectful of the wishes of others.
32.) He's easy to be with.
33.) He holds me at night, when we're together.
34.) He smiles frequently.
35.) He's open to new ideas.
36.) He has a cute giggle.
37.) Even though I act mad, I think it's kind of cute how he always leaves cracker crumbs all over the counter.
38.) Even though he's allergic to all the animals we have, he still likes having them around. :P
39.) He's always accessible to me.
40.) He usually backs me up on every decision, big or small.
41.) But, he doesn't let me roll over him the way I do with a lot of people.
42.) He doesn't get mad at me for silly little things, even when I wake him up out of a sound sleep and think he probably *should* be mad at me.
43.) He's not afraid to stand up for himself.
44.) He's politically aware and informed about things going on in his country.
45.) He never stops trying to make things better.
46.) He's interested in unique things like theology and the rise of religion.
47.) He can code entire programs, which I think is pretty amazing, considering I didn't get any further than /Hello World!
48.) In a project, he'll always put in 110%.
49.) He makes me proud to be his wife.
50.) I think he's the best person in the world.

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Date: 2006-05-08 08:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Aww, happy two years, you two.

Happy Anniversary!

Date: 2006-05-09 12:05 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Sounds like you got yourself a great guy! And I know he's got himself a great gal.

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