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But not really. I'm in Canada right now, visiting Steve. I left after work on Wednesday and arrived Thursday morning, though to be fair, it would have been EARLY Thursday morning if I didn't have problems at the border and be forced to wait.* I did forget that this is Easter weekend, and this area of Ontario being what it is, everything is closed until Saturday.

Also, I've joined a knitting group in Richmond (yes, yes, laugh all you want). This happened, technically, on Monday, when I also coincidentally had my first Cosmopolitan and was trying with assistance of a friend to show another friend how to knit. It was brought up that "we should have a knitting party" and "yes, it would a great excuse to break out the hard liquor." Can you tell which of the priorities is more important?

And my boss gave me the news on Monday, as well, that I am definitely going to do some work-related training in North Carolina in a couple of weeks. I'm pleased about this because I've never really been to North Carolina for any extended period of time, and I'm usually up for travel, most especially since work is footing the bill for it.

Not much else to say, and Steve and I need to drive to Quebec. Expect copious amounts of photographic evidence, seeing as I have a BRAND SHINY NEW CAMERA that Steve got me for Christmas! It's another Kodak EasyShare, but 4.0 megapixel and this one has adjustable shutter speed and all that fun stuff. There is [insert less-than-three symbol here]!

*it appears that I was mistaken for the sixth member of a metal band travelling to Ottawa for an unspecified concert at an entirely unspecified venue, and therefore suspect. The fact I was wearing a Pink Floyd tee shirt and grubby jeans and my eyes were bloodshot from being on the road for so long did not seem to help matters (though I'd like to think the absence of the smell of pot-smoke and the inclusion of my Pine fresh deoderant set me apart).

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Date: 2006-04-15 02:40 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Good times with new camera. I got a Kodak easyshare z740 for Christmas. I'm still figuring out how to adjust shutter speed and that kinda stuff, but it's still fucking awesome.

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