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Jun. 6th, 2006

You know it's just going to be "one of those days" when you stumble out of bed, scare the cat, and see her fly downstairs on fizzy pink wings.

I know, logically, cats cannot grow fizzy pink wings overnight. Or, at all, really. I understand this. Unfortunately, my morning-brain does not, and saw the cat fly downstairs on fizzy pink wings before whipping around the corner, out of sight.

Then, of course, she peeps around the banister and says, "Mwerow?" which is cat for "Are you coming down YET?"

To which I said "Mphffguhh?" which is human for "What the hell was in the pizza I ate last night?"

If Noise could be given a state of mind, it would be this: !!! Koke, the dog, is more ??? all the time, but Noise is either ( ) or !!!. Stop or go, !!! or ( ), black or white. The food is either yummy or extremely yummy, the water is always Terrible or Extremely Nauseatingly We're Going To Shatter The Windows Now Terrible. There are only two choices with Noise.

Which is why the fizzy pink inexplicable wings were so... inexplicable, especially since it seems she kindly put them away for breakfast. There should either be fizzy pink wings, or no wings. That's just how Noise is. They should not appear inexpicably and then disappear for breakfast.

Apparently, though, that's just what happens. I have underestimated the Noise.

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