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May. 26th, 2006

1.) Lady with hair so long it was dragging on the ground. She was walking her dog barefoot, on a country road when we drove by. I do not know how you grow hair that long, but I may like to know.

2.) Old woman in the pet-food who was strutting down the aisle saying "Kittykittykittykittykittykitty!" She saw me smiling and said "Oh, well! I think I'm losing my mind!" I grinned and said I thought it was funny, I said the same thing when I walked down the cat food aisle, except I usually did a little dance. It still makes me smile.

3.) A man sitting on a bench who looked like, if one replaced the Bermuda shorts and tee shirt with Roman armor, he would be a Roman general. He was sitting straight, and looked like instead of an umbrella, he should be holding a sword, point-down. Then he smiled when he saw what looked like his wife, and he turned into a man in love.

4.) An unreadable, inscrutable expression on the face of a friend. My senses itched like my hands do when there is a book on the shelf that I want to read, and I know I don't have time. I wanted to ask questions, but some questions are better left unasked where curious ears exist to hear.

5.) That little tableau that catches your attention unexpectedly. A small mirror, a picture of the deceased Pope, a candle, a tangled rosary in the home of an older woman. A crumpled, printed prayer for happiness in the home stuck to a refrigerator with plastic fruit magnets, with a grocery list beneath it written in a spidery hand. A blue glass half-filled with water, catching the sunlight on the kitchen counter, in the mind like snapshots.

6.) An old house, ancient and silent, standing behind a screen of kudzu and wild thorn bushes, all weathered wood and empty windows, but so grandly built, huge, glorious even in ruin, that it felt like someone, sometime, had truly loved that house. Loved it enough to carve its delicate arches with what looked like leaves and flowers, enough to build a cookhouse in the back and erect a fence, now sitting empty.

7.) A puppy romping in the tall grass with an older dog. The puppy would leap into the grass, disappear, then jump back onto the mowed lawn with a loud bark, then leap back into the grass and disappear, only to emerge a few feet away with another loud BARK! The other dog paid no attention except to casually pee on a bush.

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