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Jan. 2nd, 2006

According to the Bible, God gave his only Son to the world so that we may be redeemed, and has told us in prophecy that there will be a moment when his Son will come again to redeem the faithful and escort those worthy of eternal life to heaven.

But, what if Christ has already been born, and is unable to realize his destiny in this chaotic, uncertain world? Would that make him not-Christ? What if, taken for a religious fanatic, He has been ignored and derided, consigned to a mental institution as we do those of 'excessive zeal'? Conversely, what if Christ has already been born and, unable to find one soul uncorrupted by the world, has left us here, eternally in this mortal coil to destroy ourselves as we will? It is said that Christians will 'know' Christ, through some mystical knowledge or presentiment, that some hidden part will yearn towards Christ. But what if our beliefs are perverted? What if the original Christianity, as expected and given forth by Christ, is no more? Would He look upon the religion He started and feel ashamed by its pettiness, its blood-thirstiness, how we have invoked His name in war, for profit and for domination?

Or what if even every person on the earth is born with the potential to be Christ - and is unrealized, as of yet (I assume)? What if the Bible, given to so many inaccuracies and made by the hand of man, has not understood what God has intended? Or, on the other hand, has God accepted the writ of Man?

Has God created Man, or is it the other way around?

In archaeological excavations, we are made to understand that even our 'primitive' ancestors had their faith. It made have been what Christians would term a 'pagan' faith, humble homage to the Sun Gods or the Rain Gods, but what is faith if not a body for the unknown? We crave to understand - without it there would be no science, no wheel, no solar system or universe - and so have we created the trappings of 'faith' because there are things we don't understand? Have we put stock in belief and in goodness, in eternal life because we cannot explain events, voices, apparitions?

Do humans have the potential for godly events? I see people speak about their faith, how it has given them life, or given others life, created miracles - miracles attributed to God (when was the last time there was a 'miracle' and someone said they did it all by themselves?). Could human beings have an unrealized, or perhaps submerged or ignored, potential? We have already proven to master atomic principles, harness the energies for our own, often destructive, uses. Could there not be something else, though, beyond atoms, beyond cells and particles, beyond existing theory? Could there be something else that could act as "faith", that feeds off human energy and is directed by force of will? There are people in the world with more will than others, people that make the world around them as opposed to those that simply accept it. Could they have some more quantity of something - will, faith, understanding - that drives and shapes the world around them, that are somehow, unknowingly, controlling more of these things beyond what we understand presently to be the construction of the universe? Could there be something beyond our knowledge which is a driving element, an ephemeral force that brings out or subdues like forces in others, and in the world? Could those, invested with 'faith', have the same sort, yet be unconsciously lending themselves to miracles, bringing out their potential for 'godly' events?

Is it all blasphemy?

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